Benefits of Having Copper and Nickel Bathtubs for your Bathroom

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Out of all of the rooms of a house, the bathroom has gone through the most transformation over the past few decades. Designers have experimented with countless ways to improve on the aesthetics and function of bathrooms, mostly, to much success. 

There are literally an unlimited ways to renovate a bathroom today, from new floor tiles, cabinets, sinks, wallpaper, fancy toilets, and window curtains. However, there are a few things that aren’t tried often, only by those with a very special taste for artistic flare, such as installing specialized copper and nickle bathtub. 

Benefits of Having Copper and Nickel Bathtubs for Your Bathroom

Copper bathtubs are nothing new, they have been around and used in luxurious bathrooms around the world for hundreds of years. Another interesting fact is that copper metal is mold and bacteria resistant. This makes cleaning and maintaining copper bathtubs easier, as all that is basically needed is to rinse the tub with water after using it to prevent mineral deposit buildup. This is especially important if one lives in an area that has ‘hard’ water. 

Copper and nickle bathtubs are unique pieces of art that are not considered simple purchases, but instead these are an investment into a bathroom’s luxurious aesthetics and one’s personal health. In fact, copper and nickle bathtubs for your bathroom aren’t just aesthetic art pieces, but they have real health benefits too. 

There are a number of health benefits that come from bathing in copper bathtubs. Apart from the fact that bacteria cannot survive on copper because it is an antimicrobial material, copper is also known to reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, tendonitis, and physical injuries typically related to sports. 

As you bathe in your copper tub, and your skin comes in contact with the surface, your body will begin to slowly absorb very small amounts of copper without any side effects. This will help reduce inflammation and actually replenish the body of any deficiency of this essential element – copper. 

Another benefit of copper and nickle bathtubs is that water heats faster and stays hot longer because of copper’s metallic properties, it effectively conducts heat faster than traditional bathtubs and also retains the heat longer. This equates to water temperature remaining steady and not cooling quickly, which means you can enjoy hot bathes longer. 

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