Copper Bathtubs that You Can Buy Online: What Makes Them Unique?

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While bathtubs come in a wide assortment of styles and materials today, many fall short of making as bold of a statement that copper ones do in a bathroom. However, most homeowners do not even realise that copper bathtubs even are available let alone that they also are highly attractive, durable and low-maintenance. You may think that these tubs are difficult to locate to view for yourself to see if one may appeal to you, but the truth is that copper tubs are readily available online at our Zoha Interiors website. 

The Uniqueness of Copper Bathtubs 

• Their mere appearance makes copper tubs stand out from the ceramic and other types of tubs. After all, just look at the lustrous colour of copper along with its earthy elegance to understand what we mean by this. You even can find these tubs in various shades from highly polished medium tones to antique subdued ones. 

• Copper imparts its healing qualities into the bath water for your body to receive. These qualities include reducing inflammation just for one example. 

• The attractiveness of copper tubs increases with age. Copper develops a different patina over the years naturally that enhances its original appearance to a high degree. 

• Since copper has a natural antibacterial nature, it is not at risk of bacteria and mould growth like the other materials for bathtubs are, and this reduces your maintenance. All that you need to do is wipe it down with a clean cloth and hot water periodically to remove any soap scum or grime that a bath may leave behind. 

• Copper tubs come in freestanding models with some sitting flush on the floor and others having claw-style feet. 

• Copper tubs are so durable that they can and do last for generations. While some feel their cost is not worth it, in the end, you will never need to replace one, so over the long run, their cost is well worth the investment. 

Examples of Our Copper Bathtubs 

Antique Copper Handmade Bathtub has a beautiful antique finish and it’s made from 99-percent copper. The shape of it is a basic tub design with each end slightly sloping up from the center of the tub. 

New Design, Antique Handmade Copper Bathtub has a similar antique finish as the above model, a decorative plinth along with other characteristics. The shape of it is quite different, though, from the one above since both ends extend up further above the tub and the sides are straighter. Its hammered finish also provides it with a rustic look. 

For further details about our copper bathtubs that you can buy online, contact us directly or browse through our website. We have numerous other models of these tubs than the ones mentioned here in this information.

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