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The Butterfly fixed frame chair features stylish curves at its base points with more rounded curves near the fittings for the wing ends' sling supports. Known widely as the BKF or Hardoy chair, this chair design was created in 1938 by three architects named Bonet, Kurchner and Ferrari-Hardoy. 

The concept and design for this iconic chair, which sold volumes in the millions throughout the 1950s and '60s, were fashioned after the Tripolina Chair, which had its early use by the British in North Africa and also by the Italians during the 19th century. This chair has remained very popular due to its distinctive and pleasing fashion statement and practical qualities.  

Browse and Shop Online for Your Favourite Fashionable and Functional Butterfly Chairs

Reasons for shopping online for your preference in materials and colours in today's wide selection of attractive and useful Butterfly Chairs

• Online Sales Sites Offer Myriad Choices.
- When you shop online for your Butterfly Chairs, you can visit various websites to view myriad different models of these easily recognizable chairs. You can narrow your selection and make a final purchasing decision more easily, without confusion, by comparing the chair selections available on different websites. By bookmarking your top choices, you can leave sites without losing images of your top chair preferences for materials, patterns and colours.   

• Convenient Delivery of Chairs is Prompt. - By ordering your chairs on the Internet, you will receive prompt, convenient delivery of your chairs soon after ordering. Without leaving  your home or office, you can select, purchase and arrange shipment of your Butterfly Chair preferences, eliminating the need to go from store to store to make chair comparisons before buying. The best chair sales websites have safe, secure purchasing portals, so you can shop without worrying about compromising your identity or charge card data. 

• Internet Shopping Saves Time and Effort.
- With online shopping for your Butterfly Chairs, you will save both time and effort. After shopping and making your chair purchases, you will have plenty of time to focus on all the other important aspects of your day or evening. You can make your chair purchase with ease, knowing that you will receive your shipment safely and efficiently within the next few days, in most instances. Without exerting extra effort to visit physical store locations to shop, you can make your chair choices and payments online while saving time and energy for other major demands and events of your day.  

When you visit the Zoha Interiors website at: , you can view and purchase the ideal Butterfly Chairs to suit your specific preferences and needs. This website offers a full selection of attractive and unique fabrics, patterns and colours for your chair selections. Informed, helpful and friendly customer support staff are always available via the website chat platform as well to answer any question regarding this product. By shopping on this top quality site, you will have access to the ultimate style, quality and fashions in contemporary Butterfly Chair designs. 

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