150 PCS Ornamental Purple Lily Shade Hosta Plants Flower Seeds Garden Perennials

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When planted at the right site, unique effects can be achieved with Plantain lilies. With plant neighbours such as false Spirea, Rattle Root, Astilbes or beside shaded grasses and ferns. Also as a sub planting under trees and shrubs such as e.g. Rhododendron and in combination with early blooming onion flowers and other Hosta varieties, these leaf beauties make a very good figure. They can be planted both in the bed and in the bucket.

planting after the ice saints, from mid-may
loosen the soil in the planting area up well and fold in some compost
trench a planting hole, that should be as large as the root-bales
deploy the Hosta as far into so that the upper part of the root Bale closes up with the Earth’s surface
fill seeding hole with soil, press on the soil and water thoroughly
ensure good drainage for bucket planting

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