2 x Long Replacement Brushes for Commercial Large Area Push Sweeper

  • $83.81
  • Save $105

The Two Pack Replacement Set is specially designed for our commercial push sweeper range, including two long brushes. The Joti premium quality push sweeper is all you need for a large area. Ideal for footpaths, garages, driveways, car parks, warehouses, factories and a huge variety of other uses. Features two brushes with a huge cleaning capacity. Simple to use, very effcient, no assemly required. With unlimited running time, this push sweeper is easy to use, completely silent and 100% eco-friendly. No batteries or electric motors – goes where you go! Sweeps more than 8 times faster than a conventional broom!

Specifications for the Commercial Sweeper:
  • Total Sweeping Path: 700mm (approx)
  • Container capacity: 40L (approx)
  • Maximum Cleaning Capacity: 2100 sq.m/h (approx)
  • Main Brush Width and Diameter: 500mm x 200 mm (approx)

Package includes:

  • Two Long Replacement Brushes
  • Accessories