4K-360 Cam + Screen ZD3545

  • $305.25
  • Save $200

If you have not experienced a 360-degree video yet, you are in for a blown-mind But how do you create 360 degree movies? Well you have got to have the right type of camera. Of all the 360 degree cameras available right now, This is probably the best immersive/VR camera for personal use. At such a bargain price you'll be able to shoot in 720p at 30fps for up to 25 minutes at a time. There's also the ability to live-stream your 360-degree videos and the footage is transferable to your phone or mobile device without the need to hook up to a PC first through the App. And yes, you can absolutely use this camera to Share your creation with your friends; shoot a 360-degree video for YouTube or even Facebook!

Package Content

1 x 4K-360 Cam + Screen