7 Stage Filtration Water Filter & 2 Bonus Extra Filters A

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This 16L 7-Stage Water Purifier is an easy way to enjoy mineral water in the convenience of your home or office. It uses gravity to slowly percolate regular tap water through 7 transformational steps. This enhances detoxification and elimination of waste, and helps in attaining and maintaining overall good health. Affordable and convenient, the 7 stage filtration system is specially designed to purify your drinking water to the optimum level. Now you can enjoy great tasting water that is safe, clean and clearer with this amazing water filter, which removes harmful contaminants while keeping your drinking water full of essential minerals such as Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium that are vital for good health. The 7-stage filtration elements ensure you clean, healthy and great tasting drinking water that is bursting with life.

Stage 1- Ceramic stone pre-filter

Constructed from highly compressed and fired diatomaceous earth with pore size of 0.3 of a micron, it removes rust and sediments and stops bacteria, germs and parasites.

Stage 2- Silver Advanced Carbon

With astounding 65 acres of purifying surface area, it removes herbicides,pesticides,pharmaceuticals,industrial chemicals,trihalmethanes, heavy metals, organic chemicals,odors,color and particulates

Stage 3- Mineral Zeolite Granules

Removes heavy metal such as lead mercury, gold and silver, heavy metals can accumulate in our bodies, high levels of heavy metal lead to a wide range or terminal illnesses. This filtration process removes detergents,ammonium,certain radioactive ions,agricultural chemicals and other toxins.

Stage 4- Natural Silica Sand

It provides additional intense filtration, creates optimal PH balance by neutralizing acidic components, "polishes" water for brilliance and clarity and infuses water with natural silica popular for strengthening collagen in skin, hair and nails.

Stage 5- Mineral Sand Infusion

Release mineral, adjust the HP of water to mild alkaline which helps oxygenate water, restore the PH balance of the body fluid.

Stage 6- Ion Exchange Resin

The fired diatomaceous earth and mineral oxides, assist in PH balancing, breaks water molecules clusters into smaller structures for greater bio-availibity, and emits beneficial infrared to energize the water.

Stage 7- Mineral Stone Immersion

Mineral stone are mined between 330 and 600 meteres below sea levels on an unpolluted resources. The mineral stone contains Germanium which promote health and prevent cancer. Germanium also absorbs heavy metal, toxins, odors and impurities. The mineral stones continuously release more than 20 kinds of ionized minerals for 5 years, gradually depleting in size. The highly porous mineral stone aid in the oxygenation of water and in the adjustment of the water to mild alkaline.

Product Dimensions: 63.5cm x 28.5cm x 28.5cm

Material: BPA free, Quality & Durable ABS

Condition: Brand New In Box. 12 Month Warranty

EXTRA BONUS: FREE filters !! 3 filters included