8 Level Display,Storage,Utility,Book Shelf Home Office Furniture Shelv

8 Level Display,Storage,Utility,Book Shelf Home Office Furniture Shelving (Natural Oak)

  • $140.00
  • Save $100

Stylish storage and display are made super-simple with this 8-Level display/utility bookshelf. In a sleek and modern design, the deluxe 8-level display shelving unit is perfect for your home and office with its unique, sleek, and stylish design you will enjoy its versatility and functionality. There will be enough space to store all your books, ornaments, and accessories, it is a great way to make sure your favorite knick-knacks and family photos are on display. Featuring ultra stylish, simple, clean lines and a distinct, elegant style. Create the look you want today for your home/office and feel the freshness of a crisp new piece. It is also easy to combine units together so you can customize your shelves to suit your own taste or decor.

This versatile and elegant shelf provides plenty of space for storage and display, making it a great statement piece. Use your space effectively, in comfort and style.

  • Multiple Shelves Provides Endless Possibilities
  • Versatile, Practical, Spacious
  • The stylish way to organize home and office
  • Dimensions: 143 cm (Height) x 46cm (Length) x 18cm (Depth) (approx.)