Ab Exercise Coaster Abdominal Fitness Machine

Ab Exercise Coaster Abdominal Fitness Machine

  • $412.00
  • Save $100

Get the tight, toned abs you always wanted, the easy and smart way!

Perfect for all fitness levels, it’s the ab fitness equipment breakthrough to help you get lean, sculpted, sexy abs, a chiselled mid-section, and defined, cut obliques. Work your lower, middle & upper abs in every rep! Now you can achieve the desired result, in the comfort of your own home.

The secret is the Ab machine's smooth bottom-up motion. This natural arc creates a constant core contraction. Every rep targets your entire core and gives you a “constant core contraction”. It works your lower, middle, and upper abs from the bottom-up. And on the way down works your upper, middle, and lower abs once again.

It’s easy to do and easy on you. Plus, with just a twist of the seat, you can work your left side obliques or right side obliques. Or glide from side-to-side for a quick, ab-ripping express workout.

  • It’s perfect for any fitness level - no experience required!
  • Smooth, Bottom-Up Motion Creates Constant Core Contraction
  • Seat Targets Entire Abdominal Region
  • Natural Arc Motion Works Upper, Middle, & Lower Abs on Way Up & Way Down
  • Double the Workout in Half the Time
  • Helps You Get Sculpted, Sexy Abs Fast
  • No stress and strain on back or neck
  • Seat Twists to Define Obliques— On Both Sides!
  • Free Nutrition Plan with Every Order!