Cefito 530 x 500mm Stainless Steel Sink

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<body> <p><strong>Stainless Steel Sink 530x500mm</strong></p> <p>The perfect product for your home renovation! Fully hand-crafted from 304 stainless steel with satin finish it will bring an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your kitchen. It features a heavy duty construction with anti-condensation paint, mould-proof and moisture-proof materials, a piece made for long term use. This sink allows for three types of installation - drop-in, flush mount and undermount. Exquisitely built and designed, this beauty will give your kitchen an absolute makeover.</p> <p><strong>Features</strong></p> <p>*Handmade stainless steel sink<br /> *R0 square corners for easy cleaning and modern look<br /> *Heavy duty 304 stainless steel (ISO9001:2000) construction<br /> *Satin coated for a stunning silky smooth finish<br /> *Anti-condensation paint, mould-proof, moisture proof<br /> *8 sound deadening pads to reduce noise<br /> *X flume design, quick &amp; easy to drain water<br /> *Faucet installation hole<br /> *Waste strainer included<br /> *Clips and cut out template included<br /> *Suitable for drop-in, flush mount and undermount<br /> *RoHS certified<br /> *Premium quality with 5 years warranty<br /> *Material: Stainless Steel 304 (ISO9001:2000) w/ Satin Finish<br /> *Corner: R0 straight corner<br /> *Overall size: 53 x 50 x 25.5cm<br /> *Bowl size: 48 x 40 x 25.5cm<br /> *Edge width: 3.5cm<br /> *Thickness: 1.2mm<br /> *Waste strainer diameter: 11.4cm</p> <p><strong>Package Contents</strong></p> <p>*1 x Stainless Steel Sink w/ Waste Strainer</p> <p></p> </body>