Chilli- Chao Tian Jiao
Chilli- Chao Tian Jiao

Chilli- Chao Tian Jiao

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Capsicum Annuum | Packet

Standard Seed Packet, 10 Seeds

'Chilli- Chao Tian Jiao' seeds

  • Medium-hot
  • Used in Szechuan cuisine
  • Ornamental 'heaven facing fruit

Also known as 'Facing Heaven' chilli, this variety from the Szechuan region of China produces 3-6cm long glossy fruit that turns bright red when mature. Called 'Facing Heaven' chillies because the fruit points up towards the sky when growing, similar to ornamental chillies. The chillies have a fragrant, citrus flavour and are medium-hot. Often cooked whole to decorate dishes, it is also a good variety for drying.

Seeds per gram: 185
Product code: A7-01

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Method Sow direct or raise seedlings
Sowing Depth 5mm
Season Spring or after frost (anytime in warm climates)
Germination 8-21 days @ 22-35°C
Hardiness / Life Cycle Frost tender Perennial (grown as an annual in cool climates)
Row Spacing 70cm
Plant Spacing 50cm
Position Full sun, well-drained soil
Days Until Maturity 75-85 days

*Notes: Keep well watered. Pick regularly to encourage more fruit. Some plants may need staking. Can be grown in containers. Protect from aphids. Susceptible to mildews.