Chinese Celery- Light Green

Chinese Celery- Light Green

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Apium Graveolens Var. Dulce

Standard Seed Packet, 350 Seeds

Chinese Celery- Light Green' seeds

Apium graveolens var. dulce
  • Light green tender stalks
  • Good for microgreens
  • Asian vegetable

Upright habit. Thin light green stalks and aromatic green foliage. Stalks much thinner and more tender than common celery varieties; can be used raw or cooked. Leaves are used as a flavouring; fresh or dried. Ideal in salads, soups, stir-fries and as a cooked vegetable.  Great flavour.  Easier to grow than common celery.

Great variety for microgreen production, ready in approximately 30 days.

Seeds per gram: 2500
Product code: F4-07_P

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Method Raise seedlings
Sowing Depth 3mm
Season Spring and autumn
Germination 14-21 days @ 21-25°C
Hardiness / Life Cycle Hardy Biennial (usually grown as an annual)
Row Spacing 60cm
Plant Spacing 20cm
Position Part or full sun, well drained soil
Days Until Maturity 60-90 days (microgreens: 30 days)

*Notes: Keep well watered. May bolt in cold weather. Protect from slugs and snails. Susceptible to leaf spot. Pick stalks as required. Pre-soaking seeds aids germination.