Cuddly Baby Maternity Body Support Pillow - Grey

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U-Shaped Maternity Pillow

Made with 100% cotton cover and plush polyester filling, we make sure it is comfortable for you during and after pregnancy. You can use it for breastfeeding, reading, watching TV or even for cuddling while sleeping. Easily bend and scrunch to the position that best suits you and comfortable for you.
* 100% cotton cover
* Soft and comfortable full length U-shaped
* Supports abdominal weight
* Helps to reduce body pressure points & water retention
* Helps to improve sleep quality
* Great as a breastfeeding pillow
* Easy to bend and scrunch to adjust to desired position
* Lightweight design
* Washable zipper cover
* Multi-purpose pillow - Reading, watching TV, cuddling

* Outer Shell: 100% cotton
* Thread count: 233
* Inner Shell: 80G non-woven fabric white
* Filling: 15D polyester
* Thickness: 19.5cm
* Dimensions: 136 x 83cm
* Colour: Grey

Package Contents
1 x Maternity Pillow