Danoz Flavorstone Master Chef Series 28cm Cookware Set

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FlavorStone® Cookware - Original non-stick sapphire. Non-Stick Cooking Without Added Butter or Oil!

Instead of scraping eggs off your pan, wouldn’t you rather just slide them out onto your plate? Instead of using fattening non-stick oils and sprays, wouldn’t you prefer cooking meals with natural flavors and less calories? And instead of strenuous 'baked on' scrubbing with steel wool and chemical cleansers, why not clean your pan with a simple towel swipe? Now you can thanks to one of the most advanced cookware lines developed for the 21st century.

Whether you fry it - sauté it - bake it - or even accidentally burn it, practically nothing sticks. Now you can cook foods on your stove top that you never could before! With FlavorStone® Cookware you can make Stove Top Pizza, Skillet Lasagna or One Pan Pot Roast.

PFOA-Free & Gem-Stone Tough

All FlavorStone® Cookware features the proprietary Sapphire™ non stick cooking surface! Sapphire™ non-stick is a PFOA-Free surface that prevents virtually anything from sticking. Egg whites, cheese, chocolate, bacon, and even melted plastic will not stick to the bottom pf your pan. Best of all, no sticking means clean up is a breeze. That’s why Cathy Mitchell coined the phrase 'If it takes longer to clean up than it did to cook, you’re using the wrong kind of pan!'

No Hot Spots + Save Energy

FlavorStone® Cookware can be used on gas, electric ceramic and/or induction stoves, because each pan benefits from a super efficient multi-ply construction process. Heat is conducted through the base and instantly radiates throughout the entire pan. This helps eliminate hot spots, so your food cooks evenly without flash burning. In fact, FlavorStone® performance is so effective, you only need a medium setting saving you energy.

FlavorStone® Sapphire Blue 28cm Master Chef Series Pan comes with a 10 year Warranty.

Package includes:

FlavorStone 28cm Sauté Pan
FlavorStone 28cm Deluxe Deep Pan
FlavorStone 28cm Casserole Pan
FlavorStone 28cm Glass Lid
FlavorStone Cookware Guide