Deluxe Acrylic Remote Control Holder 6 Storage Shelf

  • $49.00
  • Save $100

This beautifully designed acrylic remote control/phone holder is Multi-purpose, can be used to receive small objects, save your storage space, keep your room tidy: take tiny space to organize the mess. Organise your space in style. 

  • KEEP ALL YOUR THINGS ORGANIZED IN ONE PLACE BY YOUR HAND - 6 compartments that can hold either up to remotes, phones, pens, earphones etc.
  • RETRIEVE ITEMS EASILY - the height of the compartments is optimal for most items, so that they won't be falling out, but also won't be lost inside being hard to grab
  • STORE GENTLY - having multiple compartments instead of a few large ones allows to store items separately, so that they won't be rubbing and scratching each other