Double Wheels Abdominal Gym Ab Roller Total Body Exerciser with Knee Pad

  • $49.00
  • Save $100

The Dual Abdominal Workout Wheels is an inexpensive way to achieve flat, rock-hard, sexy abs fast and easy! Don't waste your time by lying on your back doing crunches again. You get a complete abdominal workout from using the doublb wheels by doing a few exercises back to back for your upper abs, lower abs and the sides of the waist. The ab wheels are advanced tools not meant for beginners. Don't spend money on a gym membership when you can get the abs you've always wanted in the comfort of your own home!

The Dual Abdominal Wheels is suitable for all levels. The Abdominal Training Wheels are for beginners who want to train their abs without feeling the embarrassment of not having the ideal 6 pack and for the intermediate or advanced physically fit to add variety in their cardio workout.