Eggplant- Ping Tung Long

Eggplant- Ping Tung Long

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Eggplant- Ping Tung Long' seeds

Solanum Melongena | Packet

 Standard Seed Packet, 45 Seeds

Solanum melongena
  • Long tender eggplants
  • Heirloom variety from Taiwan
  • No bitterness

Heirloom eggplant originating from Taiwan. Producing thin 30-40cm long lavender purple eggplants which darken in color as they ripen. This is a sweet mild variety with no bitterness and dry flesh. Thin-skinned fruit does not need to be peeled to be eaten. Ideal for slicing and grilling. Great variety for containers or pots. Also known as "Aubergine". 

Seeds per gram: 225
Product code: G8-17

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Method Sow direct or raise seedlings
Sowing Depth 5mm
Season Spring or after frost
Germination 7-14 days @ 24-32°C
Hardiness / Life Cycle Frost tender Perennial (grown as an annual in cool climates)
Row Spacing 100cm
Plant Spacing 80cm
Plant Height 90cm
Position Full sun, moist well-drained soil
Days Until Maturity 70 days

*Notes: Plants may need staking. Picking regularly encourages more fruit. Can be grown as a perennial in warm climates.