Everest Large Multi-function Computer Desk Workstation with Shelves &

Everest Large Multi-function Computer Desk Workstation with Shelves & Cabinet (White Oak)

  • $340.00
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Add a sense of sophistication and focus to your home office or study area with the Deluxe Large Tall Combination Workstation. Featuring sleek, spacious and versatile design, multiple shelves and a large 2-drawer cabinet, it is an excellent way to set up your office or study. With its unique and streamline design you will have enough space to store books, folders, documents, stereo system and also display your favourite ornaments.

Don’t just look for a desk, look for an integrated workstation!

This large, tall, multi-function combination desk incorporates a cabinet, 2 lockable drawers and multiple shelves. You’ll have the space to organise everything you need for work or study – your computer, speakers, printer, books, folders and important documents. You’ll even have room left over for your personal ornaments!

This unique and elegant desk contains lockable drawer and multiple shelves, creating extra storage and display area for all your office needs with plenty of table space for your computer and accessories, stylish and modern yet so simple. Use your space effectively, in comfort and style.

Dimensions: 142 cm (Height) x 120 cm (Length) x 55 cm (Width)

  • Weight 25KG