Fitness Exercise Yoga Training Balance Board

Fitness Exercise Yoga Training Balance Board

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Multi-Purpose Exercise Board provides a low impact yet effective full-body exercise that encourages torsion and rotation, engages your core, improves your coordination, balance, and posture. Use push-ups, squats, twisted planks or use weights to increase the difficulty of your workout.

Suitable for all surfaces. Just place it on a smooth, sturdy surface, stand on the board, find the balance point and start to distort! It's easy to use, no matter what your age or fitness level, so you can have fun and exercise at the same time. Use it in just a few minutes a day to help strengthen the body and improve overall health.

Twisting motion and balance plate pivoting can engage your core, improve your coordination, balance, and posture, offering a full-body exercise. Easy to use - just stand on the board and start to distort!