Furniture Lifter Moving System- Move it Yourself with EZ

Furniture Lifter Moving System- Move it Yourself with EZ

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Move It Yourself with EZ Furniture Lifter Moving System

Ever have the urge to rearrange a room, but can't move that heavy furniture? It can be a real struggle and you need more than one guy. But with the all new furniture lifter moving kit you can move any piece of furniture in your own home, by yourself! It is a Do-It-Yourself furniture moving system that gives you up to 10 times your natural strength! Just lift, place and slide. Now it’s never been easier to clean in all those dark hidden places, or rearrange rooms to design new spaces!

This kit is a combined set of slides and furniture lifters that will help you with any project where moving a heavy object is necessary. The furniture lifter slides under the object and lifts. With it's rubber tip to protect your furniture and the ergonomic design to save your back, you won't spring clean without it! Two different types of slides make it easy to push furniture across any surface.

Now you don't have to wait for someone else to help you rearrange your furniture for a new look. This EZ moves kit is the quick and easy way to move furniture, clean behind furniture and adjust appliances without hurting your back!

This amazing urniture lifter gives you 10x your normal strength. It's ergonomic design makes it safe for your back and easy to use. Place the slider under the object and easily move anywhere on any surface. It is also perfect for adjusting appliances. The lifter slides right under the edge (and can lift up to 2,600 pounds!) allowing you to adjust your fridge to be perfectly level.

The moving kit will help reduce damage to your furniture and to your floors during any move! The furniture lifter has a rubber tip to protect anything it lifts. Worried about your hardwood floors? No worries! The sliders will protect your furniture and your floor. No more scratches or scrapes. Move with Ez!