Ghillie Suit Hunting Sniper Paintball Camo Costume - Adult

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Whatever hobby takes you into the bush, this fierce costume is just what you need! 


Your prey – whether game, paintball opponent or photographic subject – won’t know you’re there among the flora and fauna when you slip on this one-of-a-kind ghillie suit. You’ll enhance your chances for success in game hunting, archery and sniper sport and pinball competitions wearing this amazing camo outfit!

Whatever you call it – you’ll blend right into the foliage and fool friend and foe alike. The suit is designed to mimic the heavy foliage found in the bush and in dense woodland areas. The underlying garment is constructed of netting that is covered and strengthened with loose pieces of cloth, burlap or twine. These augmentations are made to resemble leaves and twigs; in some cases actual foliage from wooded regions is attached to the netting. This one-size-fits-all suit is roomy and designed for adults. 

Sneaking up on your paintball enemy, your hunter’s prey or photographer’s prize shot, the costume will get you there and serve you well. The clever design provides a three-dimensional rather than lineal image and the twig and leaf attachments will blow in the wind just like the natural foliage surrounding it. 

Order one of these great costumes today and capture the element of surprise for your very next outing. 


  • One-size fits all
  • Adult size only
  • Blends into natural foliage

Package Content:

1 x Ghillie Suit Hunting Sniper Paintball Camo Costume - Adult