Giantz 35W Aquarium External Filter Canister

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1400L/H Aquarium External Filter UV Light
Suitable for both freswater and saltwater aquariums, the tank is also easy to set up.

* 1400L/H efficient external filter
* UV light sterilization to eliminate harmful microbe
* Suits both freshwater and saltwater aquarium
* Suitable for aquarium tanks of up to 350 litres
* Ultra-fine 3 stage filtering basket
* Bonus filter media: Bio-ball, ceramic rings & active carbon
* Low power consumption
* Tight cap lock to prevent leakage
* Complete set of accessories: Pump, hoses, pipes and filter media
* Easy installing inlet & outlet connector w/ flow control switch

* Voltage: 240V/50Hz
* Filter Power: 35W
* UV power: 9w
* Maximum Height: 2 Meters
* Flow Rate: 1400L/H; Max 1850L/H
* Inlet size: 16mm
* Outlet size: 22mm
* Overall Dimension: 26.5 x 26.5 x 43cm

Package Contents
1 x External Filter
2 x Hose
1 x Pipe Set
3 x Filter Media