Health and Fitness Twist Exercise Stepper

  • $185.00
  • Save $100

Offering a full cardio workout, strengthening your muscle, the mini stepper takes the pressure off your joints and bones whilst giving your legs and cardio vascular system a strong full body workout. Get your workout routine started with this Stepper. It helps tone the muscles but also increase strength and endurance. With gas lift and unique bonus resistance bands, Health and Fitness Twist Stepper works your deep muscles without putting extreme pressure on your bones and joints. The twist action of leads to a deep workout will help tone your whole body. Made from sturdy steel, it also includes nonslip foot plates and LCD computer that keeps track of time, calories burned and number of steps. The durable steel frame construction will stand up to all of your cardio workouts, and it has hydraulic resistance shocks for smooth movements. The non-slip pedals will keep you stable and secure, and the ergonomic stability handles provide balance and comfort while you exercise. This Twist Stepper is the perfect addition to your home gym or just to help you get started on your journey of becoming fit and healthy.

  • Work deep muscles without putting extreme pressure on bones and joints
  • Twist action helps tone your whole body
  • Sturdy steel construction and durable plastic protection
  • Hydraulic resistance shocks
  • Non-slip foot panels with massager
  • Easy to use Multi-function LCD computer
  • Bonus resistance bands
  • Dimensions (cm, approx): L 43 x W 40 x H 23