Human 80cm Unisex Torso Anatomical Model Skeleton Life Size

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This life-size model is a great visual aid for the teaching of anatomy and physiology courses.

Students will more quickly grasp the structure of the head, neck and the internal organs of the human body by observing this anatomically correct human torso. The model will bring clarity to the student’s understanding of the human body by seeing the relative positions, morphological characters and anatomical structures of the head and torso regions. Special focus has been placed on the digestive, respiratory, urinary and nervous systems due to the many conditions and diseases that can impact them.

This model is designed to provide the best kind of teaching tool – hands-on training. The exposed spine of the torso features removable vertebra and spinal cord segments; a female breastplate; and male and female genitalia that are interchangeable. A fetus is included in the uterus of the female. 

The model is separated into 23 parts that include: 

  • torso
  • brain
  • head
  • eyeball
  • lung
  • heart
  • organs: liver, kidney, stomach, intestines 
  • vertebra spinal nerves
  • female breastplate
  • male genitalia and female genitalia with fetus


  • Height: 80cm

Package Content:

1 x Human 80cm Unisex Torso Anatomical Model Skeleton Life Size