Intex Easy Set Inflatable Swimming Pool 12ft x 30"

Intex Easy Set Inflatable Swimming Pool 12ft x 30"

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The Intex Easy Set Pool is fast and easy to set up. You simply fill the top ring with air, straighten the bottom lining, fill with water and enjoy! 366cm x 76cm in size, whilst you can buy even larger models, for an average family then this pool has acres of room to swim and play in. Revolutionary!! Just spread out the pool in a level area, inflate the top ring and fill with water. The pool walls rise with the water. Triple layered for extra strength. The Intex Easy Set Pool is manufactured using the highest quality PVC, and is several times stronger than the other makes available on the market due to the close-weave nylon webbing that is used for re-enforcement.


  • Fast and simple tool-free set-up! Ready for water in as little as 10 minutes. No sand required, all you need is a level space. 
  • Easy and convenient to drain - drain plug accepts a garden hose to drain water away from the pool area as desired. 
  • Easier to disassemble than any rigid steel-walled pool makes storing your Easy Set Pool during the off-season a breeze and will help extend your pool's life.


  • Diameter: 12' (366cm)
  • Height: 30" (76cm)
  • Capacity 80% = 5621 litres
  • Box dimensions: 110 x 46 x 37cms