Land Seaweed
Land Seaweed

Land Seaweed

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Salsola Komarovii | Packet

Standard Seed Packet, 75 Seeds

'Land Seaweed' seeds

Salsola komarovii
  • Also known as "Okahijiki" or "Saltwort"
  • Japanese heirloom vegetable

Heirloom Japanese vegetable which looks a lot like seaweed with bright green stems and fine succulent-like leaves. Salty flavoured vegetable with crisp juicy texture. Used as a garnish to sushi or other traditional Japanese foods or can be used as a salad green. Harvest leaves when young. Also known as "Okahijik" or "Saltwort".

Seeds per gram: 150
Product code: F5-08

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Method Sow direct or raise seedlings
Sowing Depth 5mm
Season Spring and summer
Germination 7-14 days @ 23-26°C
Hardiness / Life Cycle Frost tender Annual
Row Spacing 30cm
Plant Spacing 15cm
Plant Height 30cm
Position Full sun, moist soil
Days Until Maturity 40 days

*Notes: Temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius required for germination.