Magnolia Denudata 10 Seeds, Fragrant Flowering Yulan Jade Lily Tree Shrub

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This fragrant ornamental is native to eastern and southern China and has been a beloved garden favorite for at least 1,000 years in Buddhist temples! It is the official city flower of Shanghai.

This tree can grow to 35' (75' in the wild) with an extensive root system, and it needs space to spread and should not be planted close to foundations. With a low rounded spreading crown, It is also sometimes grown as a large shrub.

Obovate leaves (to 6” long) are dark green above and light green below. Fragrant goblet-shaped white flowers (to 4-6” across), typically with 9 thick white petals, bloom in spring. It is deciduous so flowers bloom before the leaves emerge. The tepals (petals and sepals that aren't differentiated) are also known as a delicacy, dipped in flour and lightly fried. Flowers then give way to cone-like pods that mature to red in late summer, releasing individual red coated fruits suspended on slender threads at maturity. Black seeds are contained within these red fruits.

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