Magnolia Liliiflora Shrub Bush Seeds, Mulan Tulip Lily Flower Magnolia, USA

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This here is a native to southwest China and it is a beauty! It is a deciduous shrub, not a tree, to 4m tall (smaller than most other Magnolias), and is compact enough to fit attractively into small yards and landscaping. It blooms profusely in early spring with fragrant large pink to purple showy flowers, before the leaf buds open. The blossoms will continue throughout the season and some may appear in the summer.
Magnolias are shallow rooted plants and one of the surest ways to slow the growth process or even kill a new specimen is to plant it too deep. The root collar should be above the soil and the shoulders of the main roots at or just barely below the soil surface. Avoid disturbing the roots after planting. It is also drought tolerant provided the roots have had a chance to firmly anchor themselves. It should be planted in full sun if possible and protected from strong winds.

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