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Ideal for a  master bathroom, Copper-Nickel Tub has an extra-wide build to offer more room to stretch out.

The design features a two-tone look that pairs mottled copper with nickel to make a striking statement. 

 The hammered exterior and interior give the copper a warm, rustic look

 creating a rejuvenating experience.

An artful amalgam of traditional yet modern, the extra-wide copper bathtub with its polished, nickel-plated interior, is the epitome of comfort and luxury. The patina on the commodious tub has been applied using French hot process, which employs handcrafting. It comes with an integrated plinth, which gives the tub a Victorian Era vibe.

The intricate and uniformly hammered finish to the tub attracts the eye, and can resonate well with both contemporary and antique bathroom designs. The cheap and best copper bathtub is 16 gauge, with the design meticulously made by hand.

Perfect for soaking, bathing and relaxing, the bathtub is a perfect accessory for your bathroom.

Why you should prefer copper bathtubs over other materials:

Nothing can beat copper bathtubs when it comes to durability, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Along with its attractive appearance, copper holds multiple advantages that are not only environment friendly but also good for your health. Copper possess antibacterial properties which ensure minimum bacterial build-up. Also, copper is recyclable and can be reused because of its virtual, indestructible nature.

Copper bathtubs also outshine bathtubs made from other materials in the aspect that they heat up relatively fast and also retain the heat for a while, which is sure to cut your heating costs.

Resistant to dents and malleability, the tub ensures longevity and reliability which are one of its most desirable features. The high-quality copper used in the making, possess a unique characteristic known as a ‘living finish’. This sets copper apart from other materials and metals. When left untreated, copper interacts with the environment and starts to deepen in color and tone over time. When copper begins, it is a pinkish hue that will gradually darken the color as it passes through tan and coffee browns until it finally stops at a deep, rich tone. Copper ages gracefully and become even more beautiful every day.

Copper bathtubs are a fashion item since the 18th century:

Freestanding copper bathtubs have been under the spotlight and received much love after bathroom trends of 2015. They are reminiscent of the French monarchs from the 18th century and instill a sense of nobility and elegance. Copper bathtubs radiate comfort and extravagance. The copper bathtub is a classic fixture in art, literature, and the lives of the rich and famous. From the great Impressionist artists and hot list writers to the nobility and aristocracy of eras past, it has been and continues to be an icon.

Product Size        :- 168 X 81 X 79 CM

Product Weight    :-  46.320 KG

Shipping Size      :-  184x94x92 CM

Shipping Weight  :-   74.100 KG


Free freight apply to Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Metro. Other City Freight applied please ask for freight 

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