Pride Health and Fitness Gravity Inversion Table

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Looking for a new way to approach your overall health? Meet inversion therapy. The Pride Health and Fitness Inversion Table Machine is designed to eliminate the painful effects of gravity on our joints, spinal ligaments, and nerve roots. Inversion therapy is proven to increase flexibility, enhance posture, relieve muscle and back pain, and raise energy levels. Featuring a solid steel frame, a comfortable back support mat and patented auto-lock ankle support system, this folding inverter table adjusts to accommodate the height of the user, while the unique patented auto-lock system secures the ankles. The sturdy steel construction with scratch-resistant powder coating ensures stability and durability. 

Enjoy controlled oscillation with minimal effort, promoting fluid movement in the joints. Also allows secure lockout in full inversion for advanced exercises and stretching. It provides relief for your neck and back pain, strengthens the muscles of the lower back, enhances joint mobilization and increases circulation. What are you waiting for? Invert yourself.

  • Assembled dimensions: L1060mm x W720mm x H1480mm
  • U-shaped, contoured handrails enhance security and create convenience while exercising
  • Patented auto-lock system ensures a comfortable and secure fit for the ankle clamps
  • Safe foam rollers included for added comfort
  • Pull-pin adjustment system is easy-to-use and accommodates heights
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