Push Up Bar Stand Handle Muscle Strength Exercise Gym

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Stop the strain and the pain on your wrists and get even lower for a better and more intense workout with the Push-Up Bars. This simple piece of equipment will quickly be appreciated by beginners and seasoned athletes alike.


You'll receive a pair of bars made from chrome steel for maximum durability. Non-slip pads on the feet ensure stability on hardwood floors and other surfaces, and foam rubber handles give you a comfortable place to grip. The bars are 10.5 cm from the floor, allowing you to get lower than you could if your hands were directly on the floor. In addition to working your chest and arms with push-ups, you can turn around and do dips to exercise your triceps.


Simple but effective — that's the Push-Up Bars. Add our everyday low price, and how can you go wrong? Order yours today.


Features of the Push-Up Bars:


*Set of 2 bars for push-ups and dips

*Heavy-duty chrome steel pipe construction

*Non-slip feet pad for stability

*Foam comfort handles

*Height: 10.5 cm

*Length: 20 cm

Package Content:

1 x Push Up Bar Stand Handle Muscle Strength Exercise Gym