Rocket- Wasabi

Rocket- Wasabi

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Diplotaxis Erucoides | Packet

Standard Seed Packet, >500 Seeds (NOT TO WA OR TAS)

'Rocket- Wasabi' seeds

Diplotaxis erucoides


  • Annual 25cm
  • Wasabi-like flavour

Annual growing to 25cm. Plants have a upright habit with elongated green spoon shaped leaves and serrated leaf margins. Flavour is similar to wasabi or horseradish with a medium fiery heat. Popular for use in salads, sandwiches or served with seafood. Leaves and small white flowers are edible. Can be grown in containers. Leaves are best harvested young, can be used as a cut and come again plant. 

Seeds per gram: 4400
Product code: D7-17

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Method Sow direct
Sowing Depth 3mm
Season Spring and autumn
Germination 7-14 days @ 15-20°C
Hardiness / Life Cycle Hardy Annual
Row Spacing 30cm
Plant Spacing 10cm
Plant Height 25cm
Position Part or full sun, well drained moist soil
Days Until Maturity 60 days