Standard Barbell Weight Lifting Bar 1.5m -Curl

  • $160.00
  • Save $100

Made for everyday gym use, and designed for a snug fit in the hand. Featuring heavy duty structural integrity, the barbell is built to take a pounding and help you expand your range of exercises. It is ergonomically designed to handle extreme workouts in the gym. With the Standard Barbell, you will have intense workouts for a variety of different muscle groups while maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts with a combination of core and strength workouts. This 1.5m long barbell provides some of the best, most effective strength training exercises. Use at the gym or at home to mix up your exercises and take your training to the next level!

  • Heavy duty construction suitable for everyday use
  • Ergonomic contoured design makes it comfortable to grip 
  • Length: 1.5m
  • Type: Standard Curl Bar
  • Note: Weights are not included.