Unilateral Seated Row Machine

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This seated row machine is small enough for home use, yet sturdy enough to be placed in a gym. 

The heavy duty construction of this machine is ready to take a pounding while helping you develop your chest, pecs and arms. 

The height and oversized chest pad are adjustable with a single, easy pull pin. This machine comes with weight plate adapters allowing the use of standard Olympic weight plates with a maximum weight capacity of 250kgs. 

Fixed or free movement handle options for more targeted exercises, coupled with high quality bushings for ultra smooth movement give you the best possible workout experience. 

The machine's bracing also ensures correct body alignment and the isolated row arms allow for the isolation of specific muscles helping you build a rock solid upper body and back. 

The quality padding on this machine will ensure your safety while you are building your muscles to the max!

Package Content:

1 x Unilateral Seated Row Machine