Wild Rocket- Gladiator

Wild Rocket- Gladiator

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Diplotaxis Tenuifolia

Standard Seed Packet, 500 Seeds (NOT TO TAS)

Wild Rocket- Gladiator

Diplotaxis tenuifolia


  • Vigorous growth
  • Good for baby leaf & Microgreens
  • Early harvest

Perennial growing to 40cm. Plants have an upright habit and are grown for their deeply serrated leaves which have a strong peppery flavour similar to rocket but far more pungent. Vigorous growth allowing for earlier harvest. Is most commonly used as a salad green but can also be used cooked; makes an excellent addition to stir fries. Very popular in Italian cuisine. Can be grown in containers. Very good variety for baby leaf or microgreens. Also known as Perennial Rocket, Wall Rocket, White Rocket and Sylvetta.

Seeds per gram: 2500
Product code: 22087_P

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Method Sow direct or raise seedlings
Sowing Depth 3mm
Season Spring and Autumn
Germination 6-10 days @ 15-20°C
Hardiness / Life Cycle Hardy Perennial
Row Spacing 40cm
Plant Spacing 40cm
Plant Height 40cm
Position Part or full sun, well drained moist soil
Days Until Maturity 50 Days