Armada Copper Nickel Bathtub to Cater your Desire of Luxurious Bathing

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Copper is a natural antibacterial agent. ZOHA INTERIORS have different design & size of copper bathtubs. But nowadays Straight Base Copper Bathtub is most popular in the Australia and all over the world. In, Straight Base design we have different shapes and size & also design bathtub according to customer requirements.

Many customers want to design bathtub according to space, matching  color & architecture of the bathroom. So, ZOHA INTERIORS have custom design of the bathtub according to the customer requirements.

Ever dream of having a luxurious dual tone bathtub in metallic copper?

We bring you a Straight Base Copper Bathtub Black Outside to cater to your desire of luxurious bathing beauty inside your bathroom.

This is a premium 16-gauge pure copper bath manufactured for the bathing luxury has the following highlights:

  • This bathing tub comes with a popup waste that allows for easy drainage of the water.
  • Dimensions: 1701.80mm (L) x 711.20mm (W) x 723.9mm (H).

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