Bone inlay coffee table from Zoha Interior

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When you’re at a friend’s house, sipping tea, the kids are off playing (ideally/if only) and you’re having a good old natter, sometimes you need to exemplify aspects of your conversation. Just a little confirmation with phone-based imagery.

‘I just have to show you’. ‘You won’t believe this’- Zoha Interior

You begin to put down your tea. It’s cold now anyway – the kids didn’t go off to play as you would have hoped and, during the time that you diffused a stubborn conflict over nothing in particular, your brew edged from hot to stone cold. I deviate. You may not even have children and your tea might still be piping. (If this is the case, i’m a little jealous). The point is; you aim to place the tea somewhere, to free up both hands, and – shock horror – there’s nowhere to put it. No coffee table, no side table, NO TABLE. Just sofa. And floor. And you’re the sophisticated type after all…

‘Oh just put it anywhere’ your friend says, unfazed, in a nonchalant tone. I have to be honest – this unnerves me ever-so-slightly. As an interior designer, in my day-job, I’m well versed in coffee table. I know when a space needs one (most of the time) and it’s absence is felt most gravely.

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