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Every year, it seems, interior designers find themselves fawning over a new style. And, while Scandinavian interiors have been a popular choice for many years, 2019 is the year where exotic trends (known as 'Exoticism') take over.

Bringing character, colour and class to simple interiors, exotic styles are growing in popularity. With their cultural traditions and dynastic influences, these memorable designs are sure to get your guests talking. Each style, with their distinctive personalities, suit a broad range of aesthetics: Moroccan styles, for instance, are laid back, while Mexican décors are vibrant. Japanese style is stripped back and minimalistic, whereas South African design is typified by vivid colours and dyed fabrics.

If you're inspired by exotic design but you are unsure how to work it into your décor, you needn't worry. With the help of interiors experts across the world, we show you how to get started.

Bold colours are typical of Mexican design, especially red, orange, blue and green. However, you should proceed with caution: if an eye-catching colour, such as hot pink, already adorns your walls, it can pay to play down the rest of your interior.

On the other hand, if you prefer white or neutral walls, inject a hint of Mexico’s fiery chilli pepper with some red-hot accessories and textiles. Pots of giant cacti and other tropical plants are great for cooling down areas, should they feel too over-worked.

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