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Tub Chairs

Tub chairs have rose in prominence in recent years. From what typically was just a comfortable chair for your sitting room to being used in offices, restaurants and nightclubs, tub chairs have become a versatile piece of furniture. This blog post will look at their versatility and show you some of the many uses of a tub chair.


1) Restaurants

Tub chairs are known for their comfort. With their deep seat that allows you to sink into the cushions and their low, supportive back, they are the perfect chair to unwind in after a long day. Restaurateurs have picked up on their comfort and are now converting their restaurants with booths and tub chairs. No longer do you have to sit up prim and proper on an uncomfortable metal chair, you can finally enjoy that glass of red in a lovely bucket seat.

2) Offices

Contract tub chairs have been specifically designed with HSE regulations in mind. They meet the Crib 5 Specification while adding comfort to your day at the desk. Contract tub chairs come in a wide variety of styles including fabric, leather and swivel bases; no wonder they are rapidly becoming used in offices across the UK.

3) Reception areas

Between the comfort and the style, tub chairs have also become widely adopted in reception areas everywhere. Tub chairs are very rarely plain so now you can make a statement and showcase your brand with the help of their bright colours and exotic patterns.

4) Nightclubs

Like restaurants, nightclubs also want to make their premises look luxurious. Business and branding is very important for nightclubs and bars who have a large volume of competitors. Owners are making a statement and going for comfort and class by incorporating tubs into their clubs.

5) At Home

Traditionally these chairs were used in the home environment and they are still finding their place in the living room. Smaller households are opting for tub chairs in particular as they have the comfort of an armchair but don’t require as much room.

6) Just about Anywhere You Can Think Of

Such is the versatility of these chairs, you can put them anywhere you like. Their compact and lightweight nature makes them the ideal seat for any space limited area. Their undeniable comfort allows for a magnificent chair, wherever you may happen to be.

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