Outdoor and Kitchen rugs?

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The kitchen is a place of baking, chopping, frying, mixing, pouring, eating and drinking. In other words, the kitchen is a place of mess; spillages, crumbs, grease and grime. Keeping the kitchen tidy and clean is difficult to do, even more so if you have children or animals. So, is it the best idea to cover up that easy clean wooden or tiled floor with a rug?

Let’s look at the pros and cons...

 Rugs are a great way of adding colour and texture to an otherwise bland space; kitchen floors are usually a pretty neutral shade so a rug can give a spark of colour, tying in with your kitchen accessories.

 You spend a lot of time standing in your kitchen, and a cosy rug will definitely be more comfortable on the old feet.
Mess. The crumbs and the bacteria that can get harvested in a rug in a kitchen is pretty gross and depending on the type of rug, you may have difficulty cleaning effectively.

Rugs put on top of a hard floor are more likely to slip around, which is a huge hazard if you’re carrying a pan of boiling water, or even worse a bottle of wine! Although you can buy an anti-slip underlay to stop this from happening, at an extra cost of course! 
If you do decide to go for a rug in the kitchen, it’s important to choose the right one. Style is important, but the material in which the rug is made out of is a big factor too. Some material is harder to clean that others. Pile length is also something you need to think about, but don’t worry we are going to explain everything...

Rug Material. The material in which the rug is made out of is really important; a wool rug for example will be difficult to clean thoroughly without damaging. With kitchen rugs we would recommend you always go for either a synthetic material such as polypropylene as its easy to clean than something like wool for example. Another alternative is Jute, which is a natural material which is super hard wearing.

 Pile Length. We would recommend a flatweave rug rather than a rug with a thick pile.Think of the crumbs! The longer the pile the harder it is to get them out of of your rug.

Check out the Natural Fibre & Flatweave section on Zoha Interior our website to find a huge selection of appropriate kitchen rugs!

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