You Should Take Your Shoes Off At The Door?

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If you think leaving shoes on in the house is a nasty habit, then you’re not alone. People from all over the world – from Indonesia to Sweden – take their shoes off at the door with no questions asked.

In Australia, however, it’s a hugely divisive topic: households are either 100 per cent “shoes on” or “shoes off”, there simply is no middle ground.

But how much household bacteria is actually a product of dirty shoes?

Here at Modern Rugs, we set out to solve the age-old debate as to whether “shoes off” households really are more hygienic than “shoes on” households.

The results we found were shocking. We found “shoes off” households harboured unexpectedly similar levels of bacteria to “shoes on” homes. In fact, the main reason bacteria levels fluctuated in our study was not due to shoes at all; it was cleaning habits

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